In order to properly operate and ensure per-slice service performance, and in the end monetize the 5G networks, communications service providers (CSPs) face fundamental changes in all aspects of the end to end service delivery chain.

Service assurance no longer becomes an issue just for the RAN and transport network, but also for the service delivery infrastructure - NFVi, local breakouts, private edge cloud, and end to end service visibility.

This demo will show Accedian’s new Skylight sensor agents combined with Skylight analytics to provide cross layer service assurance in 5G networks. 

In this demo, join Accedian's Skylight sensor agents Product Manager, Henrik Nydell, to see how you can:

  • Enable the instrumentation of virtually any type of 5G service with advanced assurance
  • Explore and eradicate issues with service delivery infrastructure  NFVI, local breakouts, private edge cloud, and end-to-end user visibility 
  • Augment service indicators and underlay network metrics with advanced correlation and ML capabilities to pinpoint issues faster

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