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Join Nick Roy, Splunk’s Security Specialist, Michael Rezek, Accedian’s VP of Business Development and Cybersecurity Strategy, and Accedian’s threat analytics expert, Andrey Yesyev, for this webinar and demo.

In this on-demand webinar you will see a demo of Splunk Security Essentials with the Accedian Skylight powered Security add-on.

See how you can quickly gain:

  • Real-time threat detection
  • Forensic data for IR investigation
  • Security analytics that provide Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP), as well as identify Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and anomalous activity
  • Full, end-to-end visibility of lateral traffic that often go undetected by other security methods

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“Splunk has added Accedian Skylight powered Security as the first vendor app in our new Splunk Security Essentials package because of the depth of content and detections that Accedian can bring to Splunk deployments. With the Security Essentials app, Splunk can help make enterprise security an attainable goal for organizations of all sizes. Accedian Skylight was extremely easy to deploy and start using, and with their comprehensive range of detections, a lot of value is quickly gained from one app for users.” 

Nick Roy, Security Specialist, Splunk