Getting the most out of WireShark involves enhancing its existing capabilities with solutions that can deliver next level visibility and performance. Enter a trifecta of powerful tools that when combined make for an impressive solution that starts with capturing traffic to ingesting and analyzing that data to adding deeper point analysis.

Here are the three parts that enhance Wireshark and take you from traffic capture to solving complex network issues:

  1. Profitap's ProfiShark is designed to capture packets at line rates without impacting the network and is the equivalent of an aggregator TAP and two NICs in a pocket-sized box. It establishes full access to the network traffic and the captured traffic data can be directly forwarded into SkyLIGHT PVX for analysis.
  2. Accedian's SkyLIGHT PVX receives, ingests, and analyzes the data, enabling IT operations teams to rapidly identify network and application performance trends and exceptions. They can quickly pinpoint the source of performance issues in order to troubleshoot and fix them.
  3. Add to this NetData’s multiple trace file merge and you have a powerful combination to deal with complex network issues. Netdata is distributed, real-time, performance and health monitoring for systems and applications. It is a highly optimized monitoring agent that can be installed on all systems and containers. It’s a metrics collector and visualizer, a time-series database, and an alarms notification engine.

In summary, along with Wireshark, network packet capture and real -time packet analysis, we have assembled one of the best joint solution tool kits to help solve your issues in minutes rather than days or hours.

In this 30-minute webinar and live demo with our resident performance management expert, Mike Canney, we will demonstrate how to assemble the trifecta of Network and Application Analysis

  • See the combined solution of Profitap's ProfiShark, Accedian's SkyLIGHT PVX and NetData
  • Look at database decodes: packet capture files replay and regeneration and see select statements
  • How to augment Wireshark and bring visibility to the next level

Happy Wiresharking!

Mike Caney
Enterprise Business Development, North America, Accedian

Over the past 28 years, Mike has helped 100's of companies identify and resolve their application and network performance issues. Mike has also developed coursework and taught engineers how to identify, remediate, and prevent network and application issues by analyzing traffic flows at the packet level. Mike has been a guest speaker at many industry shows such as Networld Interop, Wireshark "Sharkfest" and Cisco Networkers/Live throughout the United States on the topic of application performance analysis.