cyber security


IT performance and cybersecurity visibility are critical for your business... and customers

  • 75% of IT organizations suffer from degraded business application performance
  • 70% of the time they learn about it from end user complaints
  • 31% of performance issues take more than a month to resolve
  • 280 days was the average time to identify and contain a breach in 2020

Collaborate with your customers to avoid performance degradations and impacts to their business continuity by proactively monitoring end-user experience, network and application performance, and cyber threat detection—all from a single platform. 

Skylight delivers: 

  • End-to-end performance monitoring visibility up and down the entire application chain and across the network
  • Full performance visibility across hybrid architectures
  • Best-in-class resolution and velocity
  • Latest-generation cyber threat detection and performance analytics 
  • Behavior-based intrusion detection

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Build new business opportunities

Most channel programs still focus on tangible benefits such as margins and rebates that are directly tied to sales. Overlooked are the support and strategic benefits that provide MSPs and MSSPs with the inspiration and guidance for developing new revenue-generating services.

Accedian's MSP Advantage enables 4X Champion MSP and MSSP partners with expert guidance on the development and adoption of new services. This support comes through investments and consulting expertise for MSPs and MSSPs, bringing a combination of business development, research and development, and product management to drive new solutions to the market that you may not have the expertise to do on your own.


The new business opportunities provided through MSP Advantage aren’t just blue sky, unproven concepts. Accedian uncovers new opportunities and develops services based on market data and analysis, customer sentiment feedback, and insights from market-leading experts.

We want to make sure that your business remains ahead of the curve of market needs and expectations. MSP Advantage is more than a reward; it’s a commitment to our mutual success.

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