This customer is the IT managed services provider for a national postal group of companies that includes the nation’s postal service and major couriers. The organization provides client-specific Information Technology (IT), Information System (IS), and business solution services exclusively to all groups and functions within the national postal group on a cost-recovery basis.

Business Issue

IT systems are becoming more complex. When network managers who troubleshoot issues do not have the visibility they need, business can come to a grinding halt and customers do not receive the best quality of service they deserve, including on-time delivery of their packages. The postal group’s fleet of trucks was experiencing ongoing issues with truck reporting such as location and logistics. Data was coming from disparate locations either inconsistently or not at all.

Regardless of the application, the IT services provider needed to determine the problem without having to recreate the issue, or worse, simply wait for the problem to happen again. For example, if an ERP was down, the IT operations team had to stop the application, deploy capture devices and wait for the issue to happen again in order to pinpoint the cause and solve the problem the next time.

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