RUM - it's not what you think!

It's difficult to perform real user monitoring (RUM) in cloud and virtual environments with traditional tools!

As enterprises actively embrace digital transformation, applications are being migrated at a rapid pace to virtualized infrastructures. With more SaaS and cloud-hosted applications in the virtual wild and less applications deployed on-premise and under close control, IT teams may find it difficult to perform real user monitoring to ensure end user experience as RUM relies upon software agents that are impacted by this new virtualized environment.

But, you can take control of user experience in the cloud with agentless RUM.

In this paper, learn about:

  • Extraction of traffic to a physical interface via port mirroring (SPAN)
  • Installation of virtual TAPs
  • Distributed virtual traffic analysis
Sometimes you may feel like having a glass with how difficult RUM is

But help is available. Contact me to learn more!

Anna @ Accedian