Are you suffering from gaps? Visbility gap, Service gap, and Skills gap? We have something that can help!

Gartner says, “IT operations teams struggle to maintain service quality when they apply legacy approaches to monitoring. Infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for monitoring should take the steps outlined here to increase their effectiveness and limit their exposure to challenges raised by the cloud.”

Find out what Gartner recommends for these critical challenges enterprises are facing today:

  • Cloud adoption means that IT operations no longer have the same access to the infrastructure and networks that underpin their services; this creates gaps in visibility with their monitoring practices
  • Migration to the cloud is often driven from outside the infrastructure and operations teams, yet, they are still held accountable for service availability
  • IT operations teams sometimes lack the skills to monitor services deployed in the cloud, and struggle to fill these gaps in their teams

Gartner, How to React to the Impact of the Cloud on IT Operations Monitoring, 29 August 2018, Sanjit Ganguli, Padraig Byrne

Need help closing the cloud monitoring gap?

Here are three areas you can address to make the migration to the cloud easier!

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