This is Episode 4 of the Performance Management Expert Use Case Series


With earlier Gs, networks were designed to cater to specific and well-known, static use cases. As the industry evolved, it became evident that this approach restricted flexibility and increased the costs of adopting new services.

5G’s new service-based architecture allows operators to multiplex their network to support a diverse set of personalized, new commercial use cases. However, this also means that the diverse requirements and dynamic nature of those slices needs to be managed effectively to assure service level agreements (SLAs) and quality of experience (QoE). And of course, these new architectures are much more complex than the static models of foregone Gs.

Topics of Discussion

In this webinar, we looked at 5G MEC and how it impacts performance assurance and SLA management. We’ll touch on the following topics: 

  • A high-level look at 5G MEC and service diversification
  • Why real-time performance monitoring and analytics are critical for edge assurance
  • What and where to instrument performance management solutions for end-to-end assurance of 5G MEC
  • Business benefits of the Accedian Skylight performance management and analytics solution