Analysys Mason’s research shows that SPs using a ML-/AI-based analytics approach can achieve a 40–60% savings for 5G service assurance compared with traditional assurance approaches

With networks now the lifeblood of enterprises’ digital operations, service providers are under pressure to deliver high performance applications and services. Fast, if not instant, service provisioning, getting service configuration right the first time, real-time visibility of service performance in customer portals, proactive monitoring and predictive fixes – are all areas that need to improve.

What’s changing too is the speed and analytics accuracy needed to monitor and assure business-critical 5G services and enterprise virtualized network-as-a-service, SD-WAN and bandwidth-on-demand.

Analysys Mason looks deeper into this topic in their new white paper, “Real-time and granular analytics are critical for 5G and SD-WAN services.”

Download this white paper and learn about:

  • Automated assurance for guaranteed enterprise service quality and satisfaction
  • Analytics of multi-vendor multi-source data for complete visibility of end-to-end performance
  • Performance analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable predictive operations
  • Use cases and case studies on significant reduction in MTTR, self-service portals and predictive maintenance and automated issue detection