Activate 5G with Confidence

Accelerate Smart Factories with Assured 5G Performance 


76% of manufacturers plan to use private 5G by 2024

Deliver the security and reliability that 5G promises for any type of 5G deployment models

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Promises of 5G

Private 5G networks appeal to large manufacturers to enable smart factories and industrial automation and with the control required over security and architecture.

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Box 2

Preferences of deployment

More manufacturers prefer the hybrid model over the network slicing model or a fully dedicated on-prem network. 

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Performance Assurance

Mobile operators can stand out from the competition with private networks enabled by network slicing. 

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Process Automation

End-to-end and segmented performance assurance is critical if mobile operators want to drive new revenue from 5G network slicing.

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Critical manufacturing applications require real-time assured performance

5G’s Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLLC) capability enables latencies as low as 1 millisecond, which is ideal for delay-sensitive applications such as factory automation. Microsecond visibility is required to deliver network performance (QoS) for ensuring quality of experience (QoE) in real-time.

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The need for faster, smarter and secure manufacturing

Industrial companies are willing to implement private 5G networks to enable more flexible and automated operations and digital business processes. Reliability of application and network performance and security of 5G are critical criteria influencing the type of private network deployment.

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A 1 second delay in a scanner or voice command headset (x 70k cases) means a 19 hour hit on our efficiency.
Application-drive QoS is very important, reliability and uptime need to increase.

Suvajit Basu, Head of IT, Goya Food

Accelerate 5G roll-outs through industry collaboration

Look beyond connectivity as 70% of manufacturers are interested in outsourcing the management of private 5G. Collaborate with partners and system integrators to deploy 5G roll-outs right the first time with the help of a third-party performance monitoring solution, Accedian Skylight.

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