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Dion Joannou

A message from our CEO

"It's the perfect time for us to communicate what Accedian stands for today, as we are a very different company compared to just two years ago. In the past, we were known as a Layer 2 to 3 synthetic testing company, but today we have evolved into a performance analytics company that helps enterprises and service providers to take proactive end user experience decisions based on precise network intelligence and sub-second insight on applications and services.
We developed our own Skylight analytics platform that combines our hyper-detailed performance data and other third-party data together with machine learning and predictive analytics. Full-stack performance monitoring capabilities from Layer 2 to 7, gives our customers both deep and broad visibility across their IT infrastructure, applications and networks. Our team is excited about the opportunity we have to help our customers as they transform digital operations and migrate to the cloud and 5G."


The world has changed and so has Accedian: new brand identity for a new world of challenges

As you may have noticed, Accedian has been through something of a transformation recently. Having executed an intentional and intensive strategy of solution development, we have naturally evolved to add even greater value to our customers, helping our customers solve new problems and chase new business opportunities as the world hurtles towards digital transformation and cloud migration.

We’ve worked hard to forensically understand the problems this new digital world order has created for service providers and enterprise customers, and we’re excited to talk about the use cases we’ve developed to solve them and the new brand positioning to support that goal.