"50% of the applications running in public cloud environments are considered mission-critical by the organizations that use them"

Gartner says, “Despite the increasing popularity of cloud services, enterprises continue to struggle with creating and implementing a comprehensive cloud strategy. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders can use these seven best-practice examples to strengthen their cloud strategy.”

Find out what Gartner recommends for these critical challenges enterprises are facing today:

  • "Cloud strategy must follow business strategy, leading to a bigger role for line of business (LOB) departments, which in turn may increase the challenge of proper risk management and governance
  • A lack of thorough understanding of both the cost characteristics and the shared responsibility model of the cloud makes adoption planning more challenging
  • Common enterprise cloud adoption patterns are leading to a fundamentally changed role of the IT department"

Gartner, 7 Elements for Creating a Pragmatic Enterprise Cloud Strategy, 3 June 2019, Gregor Petri

Need help with an enterprise cloud strategy? Here are seven elements for a winning cloud game plan?

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